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The WVU Rural Tourism Design Team co-created branding, planning, and storytelling to share, protect and connect Tucker County, WV culture for visitors and residents.

Project partners

Tucker culture symbol

Graphic Design

Eve Faulkes, WVU Professor of Graphic Design and a team of Senior students led the branding initiative of the project. 

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map and assets of Tucker county

Landscape Architecture

Peter Butler, WVU Professor of Landscape Architecture, Jacquelyn Strager, Research Coordinator, and Carly Clevenstein, LA masters student, developed environmental designs for the project. 

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architecture process...

data visualization of resident survey, pie chart with 637 total respondents

WVU Extension

Doug Arbogast, WVU Extension Rural Tourism Specialist; Daniel Eades, Rural Economist; Jinyang Deng, Associate Professor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources; and Michael Dougherty, Community Planning Specialist of WVU Extension led data collection and planning aspects of the project.

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The Tucker County Cultural District Authority, established by the WV Legislature, along with the Benedum Foundation and participating citizens provided valuable input. 

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About the project

Transdisciplinary partnerships improve upon interdisciplinary experiences by being immersed in the project at once and allowing partners to share assets rather than separately provide expertise. Trust and communication are gained through faculty members and our community partners. 

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Blackwater canyon